• No matter the conditions, The Bicycle Shampoo has an amazing cleaning power. It is an innovative technology product derived from motorsport, it is suitable for all surfaces: carbons, aluminum, steel, vinyl, ... The bicycle shampoo is compatible with your discs, chains, suspension, ...


    Monkey's sauce Bicycle Shampoo is the best cleaner on the market

    Monkey's Sauce Shampoo 1L

    12,90 €Prix
      • Clean: mud, sand and chemical residue
      • Can be used on every part
      • Mat finish, suitable with anodized metal
      • Suitable with paint protection film
      • Spray the shampoo all over the bicycle.
      • Wait 2-3 minutes
      • Wash and scrub dirty parts
      •  Clean well with water

        May cause eyes irritation, in case of contact, wash with water for several minutes, if the irritation continues: call a doctor. Keep it out of children. Do not spray on hot area. Do not let product dry.