• Brand new on the market, but already tested and approved by many professional riders, Monkeys Sauce Bicycle Dry Lube is a high-end chain lubricant, durable and penetrating deep quickly.

    Thought and designed for beautiful summer days to ride on endless tracks, dusty turns, ... Our unique formula deeply cleans your chain removing impurities and grime, replacing them with a mixture of oils and waxes, which protects the chain from dirt and dust.

    Also planned for long sunny day to ride many miles on various mountain or seaside roads. Allows a smooth and quiet gear change. Also offers excellent protection against corrosion and wear and greatly reduces friction.

    Extremely versatile dry weather oil with advanced penetration qualities that can be applied to the chain, shifters, cables and derailleurs, easy to apply.


    Ideal for mountain biking, road & cyclocross, BMX, etc.

    Monkey's Sauce Dry Lube

    9,90 €Prix
      • Ensures smooth and quiet gear changes
      • Reduces friction
      • Additional protection against dirt and grime
      • Pipette system for easy application
      • Provides protection against wear and tear
      • Ideal for mountain biking, road & cyclocross, BMX, etc.
      • Degrease the transmission completely before applying lubricant
      • Make sure the chain is dry
      • Apply a moderate amount of lubricant to the inner links of the chain while rotating the cranks in the opposite direction
      • Make sure you have treated all parts of the chain
      • Wipe off any excess lubricant with a cloth
      • It is recommended to apply the lubricant 4 or 5 hours before your discharge for optimal use.